The client wanted to review their MFD fleet and look to consolidate the amount of devices they currently had, along with the reduction of costs as after many acquisitions they had various costs and multiple contract in place.

What we did

Review the company's current print volumes and worked on a ratio of devices to the number of staff they had. We then took all of the current lease agreements and evaluated the settlement figures to ensure that the client could move forward with one new supplier with one lease and service contract to support a lower number of devices that could be utilised across the whole business.


The customer engaged with a brand new supplier that was chosen by themselves after the initial introduction via Your Digital Hub Ltd, they then carried out their own due diligence to make sure both parties could work together collaboratively, from this the new fleet was rolled out across all their UK sites along with a supported training programme. The benefits to the client on a cost saving side were in the high six figure thousands as well as one new provider and one overall contract that could be easily managed.

What they said

“With Tim's industry knowledge and contacts we very quickly got to the right spec and price point for our print fleet renewal. Tim was really responsive throughout the process and has continued to support us beyond moving forward with a new supplier.”

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